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Welcome to the website of BelgoFurn (Belgian Furniture Export Association)

BelgoFurn is the furniture export promotion division of the Belgian Furniture Manufacturers Association (Fedustria). 

This website presents itself as an inspiring journey through the wide landscape of Belgian furniture.

The offer is attractive and versatile. This is partly due to the varied nature of the companies that are active. One can find both, small and medium sized enterprises, and large industrial units with vertically integrated production. One finds second or third generation companies as well as newly established enterprises.

Some companies are focusing on a limited number of key markets in Europe, while others operate worldwide. In some companies, the production process is completely done in Belgium, while others focus on a mix of competences in Belgium and production units abroad. The range is wide for various budget sizes and style choices.

But through all this, one can observe a strong common thread, namely the presence of a vibrant dynamic and an innovative approach to a weaker economic environment in the battle for the end customer.

This dynamic is supported by stimulating market-oriented innovative design, by delivering quality furniture and finally by an impressive range of variations in colour, size and finish. On top of that, the wood and materials used meet the highest standards of sustainability and ecological concern.

BelgoFurn is entirely at the service of its members : the Belgian Furniture Industry. By means of promotion, prospection,  market analyses and publications, BelgoFurn supports both the strategy of total export of the sector as the export efforts of each company in particular.

BelgoFurn is the point of contact for the international foreign furniture distributors regarding business connections with and information about  the export offer from our country.

I wish you an inspiring collaboration with Belgium.

Kevin Snyders

Kevin Snyders

Kevin Snyders

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